Triumph TR6
TR6 150bhp
Reg: MJD525L
2498cc Engine
engine size
52,000 Miles
body style
fuel type
2 Doors
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This car is in the Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk area. Please use the 'Email Dealer' form above to contact the seller. We do not display the dealer's name or phone number as they are not on our Premium Advertising Programme, however they do carry excellent used car stock in the Bury Saint Edmunds area and we feel it is worth listing their stock in a limited capacity.

Triumph TR6 TR6 150bhp for £23,950

This car has had a good respray in the past and has plenty of documented history see following, Features include Kenlowe Fan, Motolita steering wheel, leather seats, poly bushed allround, unleaded head, silicon brake conversion. Much history including the orginal bill of sale from Henleys, Nov 2020 Clutch Master and engine mounts, June 2016 Speedo cable and angle drive, Feb 2016 Trailing arms shims and brackets, Aug 2015 Telescopic rear shock absorber conversion, Apr -2015 Windscreen wash pump, April 2013 ignition timing, June 2013 Annual service, July 2012 Univesral Joint, April 2012 Ball Joint & tyres, Oct 2011 Wishbones, rear driveshafts + diff mounting (£1310), Mar 2011 Service and MOT (45069 miles), Mar 2011 Service & MOT (£720), July 2010 New brake shoes, July 2010 Rear brake shoes, Accelerator bush, April 2010 Oil service (41,932 miles), May 2009 Clutch and Brake master cylinders, July 2007 Wind deflector & Half Cover, Mar 2006 Service, Brake master cylinder, brake lines, May 2005 Full service, Feb 2005 Kenlowe Fan, Revington crankshaft, Aug 2004 Master & Slave clutch cylinders, June 2004 Wheels, May 2004 Front grille refurbished, Feb 2004 Alloy Rocker Cover, Oct 2003 Seats rebuilt with leather, exhaust manifold, rear diff bushes, brake pipe, oils service, plugs and tappets, Sept 2003 Hose kit, Rotor arm, Distribuotor cap, Fuel pipe, July 2003 Bosch fuel pump, Apr 2003 Fan belt, Apr 2002 Exhaust System, brakes and calipers, oil and filters, welding repairs to outrigger and breast plate, Waxoyl some respray, Jul 2000 Renovation work (£363) + Inertia seat belts (£190), May 2000 Renovation work inc electronic ignition system, Dec 2000 Renovation work (£1100) including rear bumper re chrome, drivers seat squab +, Dec 1999 Reanovation work inc Unleaded head, exhaust manifold, water oump, wheel bearings radiator, lower suspension, steering bushes (£2400), Aug 1998 Injectors , plugs and timing, May 1996 Steering rack and rubbers, May 1995 Full service (£454), Mar 1994 Front n/s suspension, stainless steel exhaust, steering rack, bushes, brakes, Oct 1993 Clutch slave cylinder, Sept 1993 Clutch and crankshaft (£388), Aug 1993 Wipac Quadophic headlights, Mar 1993 Exhaust sytem, brakes, wishbobe bushes, track rod ends, master clutch cylinder (£712), Nov 1992 Heater Matrix, New injectors + (£456), Oct 1992 Bumpers rechromed, May 1992 Door mirrors, caliper, bearings, hub assembley (£368), April 1992 Service and brake cylinder (£376), Owner note book with more work details 1992 2002, 29200 miles service, 27000 mile service, 21000 mile service, Various bills for 1980’s and 1970’s including engine overhaul in November 1977, 15000 mile service, 12000 mile service, 6000 mile service , 3000 mile service, , Owners, Aug 72 to May 75, May 78 to Mar 79, Mar 79 to Apr 82, Apr 82 to Apr 86, Apr 86 to Dev 90, Nov 90 to Mar 92, Mar 92 to