Oapcheap-A-carsandvans GOOLE   (Goole, East Yorkshire)
Subaru Legacy
2.0 RE 4dr Automatic AWD
Reg: FA06JEJ
1994cc Engine
engine size
91,000 Miles
body style
fuel type
4 Doors
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Subaru Legacy 2.0 RE 4dr Automatic AWD for £1,995

PURE QUALITY, You can take all your German engineering and shove it up yer arse in comparison to SUBARU, they are another world in HIGH QUALITY BUILD, FINISH, SPECIFICATION, ENGINEERING and in RELIABILITY.. OURS that we show here is a MAJOR FLAG BEARER of the MARQUE and we are proud to offer the car to Discerning Drivers who perhaps value the make as we ourselves do, the Example here is a Legacy 2-0SE 4 Door Sedan/Saloon in Black with Matching Leather upholstery, the Incredible condition both inside and out for a 16 year old car is extremely pleasant and with the Royalty features that befit such an Impressive car you come to enjoy both the surroundings and the drive instantly, effortless AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION & ALL WHEEL DRIVE.. Seating that matches your Lounge, performance thats adequate, spaciousness for 4/5 adults with luggage space for all onboard, This C Est MagnifiQue Masterpiece of Motoring will re-ignite your passion for cars and driving BEFORE the fast approaching dullness of vacuum cleaner powered motors becomes the NORM..Anyways lets get the Blurb continuing, Lets SEE firstly this car cost an astonishing £21,500 when it left the showroom and thats not silly doziness money mate! thats SERIOUS, so to find one at less than £2000 with a FULL 12 Months MOT with 12 Service Stamps in the Book, 3 previous owners in spectacular condition represents such amazing value the WE OUGHT to be given NEW YEAR KNIGHTHOODS ourselves!! YEP I can see it now... Firing down the M1 to er majestys house in our old 04 Renault Scenic Diesel that me and the wife are using just now, driving through those great big gates with them geezers with bears in their hair, getting the old knee down and er Maj flashing that big Gillette blade on the top of the shoulder saying Arise Sir Tawny for exemplary services to the Cheapy Car & Van Working Class Folks Charity ( well its almost a bloody charity with the poverty profits we make! ) Anyway lets not dwell too long on my soon to be SIR status or I might make the others in the trade jealous! Cant miss this.... Been asked if its got sat nav, NO, been asked its has ARSE WARMERS, YES, Been asked if it has PARKING SENSORS, F KNOWS and been asked if we will take any LESS DEFINITELY NO.. as my previous ads say I DONT answer CRETINOUS QUESTIONS so just GO elsewhere as I dont care if you buy or not..